Faith and the Rear View Mirror

05 Oct

We don’t see the end of the story until the end of the story.

Abraham didn’t know the location of the promised land, and he never saw the big nation God promised to him. God told him, “Pack your bags and head to a land I’m going to show you…”

Moses was told to lead God’s people out of Egypt. When he looked at the situation all he could see was plenty of reasons NOT to upset a very powerful king of Egypt.

David was told by God he’d be king – except there already was a king named Saul who was none too happy about this.

The bible reads like a who’s who of frightened, anxious and reluctant people. Abraham, Moses and David were only three of many people who learned the all important truth: we don’t see the end of the story until the end of the story. Let me say it a different way. We don’t how God is going to do what he’s promised until we see it in the rear view mirror – until after he does it. That’s why the most powerful times of worship and spiritual renewal in the Old Testament involved remembering. Take a look into the rear view mirror and remember what God did a few miles back, and be encouraged for the upcoming journey.

We look at Abraham, Moses and David and we see ourselves. We see people doubting, sometimes struggling to follow the Lord. We also see how God led them through what appeared to be impossible circumstances. We have the benefit of seeing the big picture and what happened after the fact as we read our bibles. We see that God calls it faith because he asks us to follow him when we don’t know the whole story – HE ASKS US TO TRUST that he he will lead us in the right direction and take care of us along the way.

God is asking our congregation to step out in faith in a fundraising campaign called FORWARD in faith, prayer and promise. We can’t see exactly where he’ll lead us, and so we get a little nervous and reluctant. Being out of our comfort zone isn’t easy. But the good news is God has always been faithful, and he’s not going to stop now!

By the way, Abraham and the whole family who received the promise was rescued from famine and certain death by the Lord. Moses watched God humble the king of Egypt to the point that he gave God’s people permission to leave…with a large sum of Egyptian gold. David was crowned king and would be forever known as a man after God’s own heart. God had it all under control.

God has everything under control at First Lutheran, too.

Grace & Courage dear friends!

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