The Surprise of Christmas

21 Nov

 Dear friends in Christ,

Without a doubt we are entering a season of surprises.

During the Christmas season we will be surprised by loving gestures – both expected and unexpected. We might also be surprised by what we find beneath the wrapping paper. And then, there’s the surprise of all surprises.

 Are you ready?

 God became a baby lying in a makeshift crib. From a stable a tiny hand reached out to touch our lives. What in the world was God thinking of? Actually, the right question is WHO IN THE WORLD WAS GOD THINKING OF?

 When we think about Jesus we picture the Prince of peace or the King of kings. What we see instead is something that would fit better in a World Vision hunger appeal. There’s no palace in this story – only a stable surrounded by livestock. Mary, Joseph and Jesus are temporarily homeless. Human logic screams that this is ALL WRONG. God’s logic says that this is exactly how it should be.

Immanuel means God with us. To be with us is to become part of our world – fully present in the nice parts and also in the ugly parts. Such is the miracle and surprise of Christmas. Who in the world was God thinking of? The answer is me and you. There’s really nothing quite as stunning as this in all the world.

This isn’t a fable. It’s not a story about somebody else who lived a long time ago. It’s a story that’s happening right now to each one of us while we listen to it. Jesus and his family became homeless people that slept in a stable. All of this so that we would know beyond doubt that the Son of God would go to any length to be with us. There is a savior born this day who is Christ the Lord. 

May the majesty and simplicity of the Christ child fill you!

With my love to you in Jesus,

Pastor Greg

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